Our mission to our community

At the heart of Moira

For over 35 years we have been in the heart of the community and together with other Christians in the village we seek to bring the Good News of the gospel of our Lord Jesus to everyone in Moira.

What is this good news?

Read or listen to a summary of the Gospel message

Want to explore more?

If you would like to learn more we arrange short courses where small groups of people can meet in a relaxed and informal setting to discuss what the Bible teaches. Feel free to ask about attending one.



Special interest events

From time to time we organise special events that reach out to the community. Those in the past include an event for the farming community. The sporting community came to events that focused on Rugby and football. One year we held an alternative Halloween evening with fun and food and fireworks.


Soccer coaching for kids

Our summer outreach regularly includes a week of coaching for kids in the demesne where they play in their own World cup but more importantly they learn from God’s word.


Village wide witness

 Over the past 25 years we have joined with evangelicals in Moira to reach out to our community. Special events included  a distribution of the Jesus Video in 1999 and The Big Weekend in 2016.