Peter and Rachel Bittle

We are Peter and Rachel Bittle and we have three children. We both trusted in Christ at a young age and throughout our teenage years enjoyed being involved in a variety of ministries in our home church and overseas.

However the Lord really challenged us both about the need of long-term mission, and our responsibility to share His good news with people who have no opportunity to hear unless someone goes to tell them.

In 2011 we commenced New Tribes Mission/Ethnos 360’s two year Bible & missionary training programme in North Cotes, Lincolnshire. For over 5 years we worked on home staff in England with NTM in a variety of support roles (Maintenance, kitchen, guesthouse, and some Bible teaching).

In July 2019 we left Moira and are now serving in Asia Pacific. Please pray for us.

NTM’s core aim is to see a thriving, self-autonomous church established in every people group around the world.  We returned to Northern Ireland for a period of home assignment and have now moved to Asia-Pacific. Please pray for us.