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      • We are a family of God's people who seek to care for each other.
      • We are neighbours who try to follow Christ's command to care about those who live around us.
      • We are witnesses who want to tell everyone the good news that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour.


Amazing Journey Moira Primary school

The Amazing Journey came to Moira Primary School this week. More images here


Simon and Lynda Mawhinney and family

Ministering into the lives of our Young People

Over the last year, the Eldership has been prayerfully considering the needs of our young adults between the ages of 18-25.  We believe that it is so important that our young people have someone to disciple them and minister into their lives on a one to one basis, building friendships with them, praying with them, and encouraging them in their Christian journey.

So we are delighted as a church to have appointed, and employed, Simon Mawhinney to fulfil this role at MBC (10 hours per week).   Simon has many years of experience in discipling young people and he is clearly gifted and proven in this area.  

After approval at the recent AGM, Simon commenced the role on the 1st April 2015.   In the coming months, he will not only be discipling others but cultivating an attitude and practice of discipleship.   He will also be organising opportunities for the young adults to come together for fellowship and study.

This is an exciting role for the church and a great opportunity for our young adults.  Please remember Simon and Lynda and the young adults of MBC in your prayers that this important ministry will be richly blessed.

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