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"I am a Priest" series

 We all treasure the biblical truth of the Priesthood of all believers. We insist that all who believe in Jesus Christ are priests, believer priests. To say you are a priest might sound strange to you, but that’s who you are.

In this series of sermons we ask, what does it mean to be a priest, and what does it mean for you to be a priest in your particular situation?

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A worshipping Priest.
What is worship? How are we to worship?
A Worshipping Priest 1. 25/01/2009
A Worshipping Priest 2. 01/02/2009
A Worshipping Priest 3. 08/02/2009
A Worshipping Priest 4. 15/02/2009
A Worshipping Priest 5. 22/02/2009
A working Priest.
What do you think about work? What does God think about work? What does the bible teach about work?

Every activity of life can be transformed into an act of personal worship when we do it for the praise, glory and pleasure of God. Romans 12:1 “take your everyday, ordinary life…your sleeping, eating, going to work, and walking around life…and place it before God as an offering.

In the next four sermons we will consider our role as working we can worship and glorify God through our work.
  01/03/09 AM  
  01/03/09 PM  
  08/03/09 AM  
  08/03/09 PM  

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