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Moira Baptist Church

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Who am I? series

“Who am I?” is a question that is on the lips of many people today. Thankfully God hasn’t left us in the dark when it comes to knowing our true identity. In fact he wants us to be what we already are in Jesus Christ ie...ambassadors, athletes, soldiers, sheep, branches in a vine, members of a body, pilgrims, priests to name a few.

As you begin to understand these biblical images you will soon discover exactly who you are, and what the Lord wants to do for you and through you as you daily trust in Him.

 In this sermon we consider what it means to be an ambassador for Jesus Christ.
 We all treasure the biblical truth of the Priesthood of all believers. We insist that all who believe in Jesus Christ are priests, believer priests. To say you are a priest might sound strange to you, but that’s who you are.

Psalm 23 begins with a great affirmation, “The Lord is my Shepherd” and each line that follows elaborates the symbol, filling out the picture, showing us how Yahweh, our Shepherd-God leads his sheep through this world right into the next.
It’s a song that is made up of 118 words and 116 are devoted to explaining the first two, “The LORD”.

In this short series we will take a closer look at these compound names that teach us so much about the character and attributes of our Great God.

 If you are going to run well and finish well in the Christian race then you must give yourself wholly to spiritual training.
Just as an athlete has to refuse certain things, eat the right food, and do the right exercises, so a Christian should practice “spiritual exercise.”

In this series I want you to imagine that you are a new recruit in the Lord’s army. Every study is going to be a briefing session. We are going to ask questions like, Who is the enemy? What are his tactics and strategies? Who are our allies? What armoury and weaponry is available to us as soldiers?


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