MBC Church Sound and Recording
March 2012 – January 2013

Any details of additional meetings being held in the church will be shown here

Information for church members and leaders:

Additional Meetings:
If you are organising or are involved in a meeting outside of a Sunday and require sound and/or recording please ensure you inform the sound team well in advance to allow us to make sufficient arrangements for you. It also makes things run much better if you can provide us with info about what is required eg. singers, guitar, DVD, CD etc.

A minimum of two weeks notice is a good guide, whilst we endeavor to provide someone on the desk for additional meetings do not assume someone will just be there. If you wish to send details of any meetings click here

Playing of Video, DVD or CD in services:
If you require a video clip, DVD, CD or powerpoint item played during the Sunday service please give it to the powerpoint and sound team as early as possible and no later than 20 minutes before the start of the service. This may sound a bit extreme but everybody provides different formats, sound types etc and the only way to ensure the item works with no glitches during the service is to set it up and do a dry run. There is nothing worse than a packed church staring at a blank screen. We will no longer present an item on screen during the service unless it has been tested before hand.

Date Sound Recording Powerpoint Camera
04/03/12 Gareth H Simon M Andrew Smyth Ben Lilburn
11/03/12 Phil C Gareth H Matthew Lilburn Rebecca Erwin
18/03/12 Gary W Phil C Andrew Giggy Jude Maze
25/03/12 Tommy L Gary W Paul Moag Peter Stewart
01/04/12 Simon M Tommy L Zara McClure Andrew Smyth
08/04/12 Gareth H Simon M Daniel Downey Matthew Lilburn
15/04/12 Phil C Gareth H Ben Lilburn Andrew Giggy
22/04/12 Gary W Phil C Rebecca Erwin Paul Moag
29/04/12 Tommy L Gary W Jude Maze Zara McClure
06/05/12 Simon M Tommy L Peter Stewart Daniel Downey
13/05/12 Gareth H Simon M Andrew Smyth Ben Lilburn
20/05/12 Phil C Gareth H Matthew Lilburn Rebecca Erwin
27/05/12 Gary W Phil C Andrew Giggy Jude Maze
03/06/12 Tommy L Gary W Paul Moag Peter Stewart
10/06/12 Simon M Tommy L Zara McClure Paul Moag
17/06/12 Gareth H Simon M Daniel Downey Zara McClure
24/06/12 Phil C Gareth H Ben Lilburn Daniel Downey
01/07/12 Gary W Phil C Rebecca Erwin Ben Lilburn
08/07/12 Tommy L Gary W Jude Maze Rebecca Erwin
15/07/12 Simon M Tommy L Peter Stewart Jude Maze
22/07/12 Gareth H Simon M Andrew Smyth Peter Stewart
29/07/12 Phil C Gareth H Matthew Lilburn Andrew Smyth
05/08/12 Gary W Phil C Paul Moag Matthew Lilburn
12/08/12 Tommy L Gary W Zara McClure Paul Moag
19/08/12 Simon M Tommy L Daniel Downey Zara McClure
26/08/12 Gareth H Simon M Ben Lilburn Daniel Downey
02/09/12 Phil C Gareth H Rebecca Erwin Ben Lilburn
09/09/12 Gary W Phil C Jude Maze Rebecca Erwin
16/09/12 Tommy L Gary W Peter Stewart Jude Maze
23/09/12 Simon M Tommy L Andrew Smyth Peter Stewart
30/09/12 Gareth H Simon M Matthew Lilburn Andrew Smyth
07/10/12 Phil C Gareth H Paul Moag Matthew Lilburn
14/10/12 Gary W Phil C Zara McClure Paul Moag
21/10/12 Tommy L Gary W Daniel Downey Zara McClure
28/10/12 Simon M Tommy L Ben Lilburn Daniel Downey
04/11/12 Gareth H Simon M Rebecca Erwin Ben Lilburn
11/11/12 Phil C Gareth H Jude Maze Rebecca Erwin
18/11/12 Gary W Phil C Peter Stewart Jude Maze
25/11/12 Tommy L Gary W Andrew Smyth Peter Stewart
02/12/12 Simon M Tommy L Paul Moag Andrew Smyth
09/12/12 Gareth H Simon M Zara McClure Paul Moag
16/12/12 Phil C Gareth H Daniel Downey Zara McClure
23/12/12 Gary W Phil C Ben Lilburn Daniel Downey
30/12/12 Tommy L Gary W Rebecca Erwin Ben Lilburn
06/01/13 Simon M Tommy L Jude Maze Rebecca Erwin
13/01/13 Gareth H Simon M Peter Stewart Jude Maze
20/01/13 Phil C Gareth H Andrew Smyth Peter Stewart
27/01/13 Gary W Phil C Paul Moag Andrew Smyth

The next Rota will be available here from January 2013

Information for Sound team:

Take time to read what is below, this isnt a rough guide it is an important roll within church life and requires commitment. 

Praise in the Park:
If your day covers praise in the park you are required to bring outdoor PA kit and set up to the park, liaise with Andy Lilburn regarding provision of a generator for power. You need to have all kit loaded and be leaving the church no later than 45mins before the meeting in the park commences.

Thursday evening practice:
If you are on the main sound on Sunday you must also attend the group practice on the Thursday evening. Time is normally 7.30 for an hour. Thursday practice isn't optional, sound levels must be set and finalised on Thursday, Sunday mornings  will soon have no practice with only a five minute sound check to confirm everything is ok from Thursday.

This only involves two Thursdays in every eight weeks.

Sundays: make sure you are aware of the new times

10.15 -10.30 am sound check
10.30 -10.45 am prayer
10.50 -11.00 am singing
11.00 pm sharp service starts

5.45 - 6.00 pm sound check
6.00 - 6.15 pm prayer
6.20 - 6.30 pm singing
6.30 pm sharp service starts


Ensure you have the system switched on and are in place ready to go no later than 10.15 am on Sunday mornings and 5.45pm Sunday evenings

Ensure levels are strong and that the piano is leading the singing, don't be afraid of the system, good volume encourages good singing. Make sure you have the roof mics on but don't push them beyond -5 otherwise you will get feedback. Have a good mix of instruments and singers with singers slightly above the congregation.

Use the headphones and listen to your mix to ensure you have a good quality balance. This is very important as what you hear is what the balcony is hearing. If this mix is correct you will get a good sound in Balcony and main church and will encourage congregation singing.

Ensure monitor levels for instruments and singers are not too high.

Make sure the black slider is up for foyer and small crèche room  

Ensure you have the system switched on and are in place ready to go no later than 10.40 am on Sunday mornings and 6.10pm  Sunday evenings. Ensure you check all your inputs and have all feeds running to the recording desk. Record the service only and not the singing before hand (CD length isn't sufficient)

On Sunday mornings you must switch on the crèche feed in the downstairs extension. Switch on the amp and put to external imput one, show whoever is on the crèche the volume control

Ensure the crèche amp is switched off at the end of the service

You should listen to the entire service through the headphones to make sure everything is always right, remember you are recording the CD feed from the recording desk not what you are hearing in the main church. You cant hear what you are recording without headphones. Singing should be the congregation only on recordings the ceiling mics are of sufficient quality for vocal with minimum feed added of piano and other instruments. No singers should be fed to the recording mix unless there is a solo or a singer mic is being used for speaking at some point during the service.

When writing CDs ensure the speakers title is written on the CD, eg Pastor, Dr etc do not just put the speakers first name without title.